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The Jefferson County Wiki is intended to be a long-term project that will document - in delicious detail - the history and current state of Jefferson County, New York. The Jefferson County Wiki (JCW) is sponsored by the Jeffcowebboard.com. You do not have to be a member of the Jeffcowebboard.com in order to participate in this project - this is a separate entity and all are invited to participate.

To begin, please go to the Getting Started page, for info on creating an account and tips for editing and creating pages.

Visit the Photo Album to view more photos.



Suggestions and Feedback

Do you have suggestions, public feedback, or ideas for this wiki? Add them to this Suggestions page, post on the Jeffcowebboard.com, or click the Contact Organizers button to the left. If you would like to join and contribute to the wiki please see the instructions here.

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